Stereo Transmitted Disease

Now Available on iTUNES!!

Stereo Transmitted Disease debut album is NOW ON ITUNES!!! Go Get It!

Hailing from Philly, Chris Casso and Mike Thatcher met at a Vivid Video party in SoHo. Realizing they were from the same hometown, they found themselves ignoring all the Vivid Girls and debating things like “Beatles or Stones?” Deciding that they had a common vision for the future of rock music, they had no choice but to start a band! With Thatcher on guitar, and Casso on lead vocals, they recruited fellow Philadelphian’s Tom Walling on drums and Kjell Benner on bass and immediately began recording. Later joined on lead guitar by Dave Lenat, STD’s lineup was complete. After only a few months as a band, they were playing their first show together at House Of Blues opening for Clutch.

Chris Lord-Alge mixing Stereo Transmitted Disease, Helter Skelter


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