Rory Lewis Band playing at Lunar Independent Music Festival

Rory Lewis Band: So Ugh L.A!


The Rory Lewis Band has appeared on Rolling Stone’s Billboard Charts two slots under Eminem. Their huge sales of Heroines and Songs For Friday catapulted the indie band to open for Everclear, Buckcherry, George Thorogood, Violent Femmes, Jerry Lewis and three acts before Stone Temple Pilots. Rory was known as the most downloaded indie artist during the heyday of MySpace. Since receiving his PhD in Computational Neuroscience in 2008 Rory began clinical research in Acute Brain Injury and Epilepsy at Anshcutz Medical School, CU Denver where he is an adjunct professor in the department of Neurology and the department of Pediatrics. Rory is an Assistant professor in Computer Science, Bachelor of Innovation and Computational Neurosciences at UCCS too. In 2011 Rory began writing songs again and is now recording his third CD: “So Ugh L.A!” Provided by artist representative.

Steve Beai has been a professional drummer for over 25 years in bands which include The YardApes, The Gear, and Intermission. Also an accomplished author with several hundred published pieces, he has received critical acclaim for his non-fiction work on censorship as well as his novels and short fiction. An outspoken fourth-generation Italian from Clinton, Indiana, Steve now hides out somewhere along the Front Range in Southern Colorado.



In ’00 Rory was the most downloaded band. Became a doc now he’s back: We’re born how we’re born! 1.3 mil people agree in first 2 months.

Party with the band, book them on kickstarter :

Rory Lewis Band

Its time we show people that we are Born Like We’re Born so let’s get on and love one another.

Between 1999 and 2003 Rory Lewis was the most downloaded unsigned band on the internet.

Right below Eminiem on Rolling Stone Charts, topping the charts in mySpace with over 2 million fans, beating John Mayer in downloads, opening for Everclear, Buckcherry, George Thorogood, Violent Femmes and The BlackCrowes.

He left it all to become a Doctor in Computational Neurosciences. Now, 9 years later he’s back!

This is the third CD of the Rory Lewis Band and we’ve done it before. However, this is what will happen after our project gets funded: We will complete teh CD at Monument Sound in Black Forest, Colorado where we have already begin to work ( The seeing that our band was on Rolling Stone charts before we will eb reviewed by Rolling Stone. Meeting our funding goal will certainly help us but we need to clarify that every project has the potential for setbacks – they may not give it a high ranking at Rolling Stone magazine. However, we have had over 1.3 million people in a few months (see above link at YouTube so we are confident this will dampen the possibilities of this project not selling and making people aware of our goal: We are born how we’re born!

🙂 Thank you.

Rory Lewis

Rory Lewis playing at Lunar Independent Music Festival

Lunar Independent Music Festival

A Music Revolution!
Jan 10-12, 2013 Park City, Utah

Just as the Sundance Film Festival has done for independent film makers, the Lunar Independent Music Festival provides the opportunity for independent musicians of all genres, to gain international recognition while exposing attendees to the creativity of independent musicians. Performances will be held in several venues through Park City’s Historic Main Street and Downtown Salt Lake City over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Musical genres include folk, rock, pop, jazz, R&B, reggae, lounge, country, Christian and hip hop – something for every music lover!


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