GlacierDon is an up and coming Rap/Hip Hop artist hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He would describe his music as “Progressive Hip Hop that combines realistic stories with hypnotic beats and skilled lyricism.” He writes his own material as-well-as for others, produces some of his beats, and is able to freestyle “or come off the top.” GlacierDon managed to amalgamate the skills of the 90’s with the bouncy, club oriented music of today while maintaining his integrity and realness. He is not real because of where he comes from, but because of the way he has chosen to express himself.
Since 2008, GlacierDon has been gaining notoriety for his songs and freestyles on the internet. He has garnered the attention of many established DJs in the industry. He first appeared on DJ Voltron’s mixtape series entitled “ Witty Wordplay” alongside some underground heavyweights. Since then he has appeared on several mixtapes as he prepares to go viral with original material that promises to be thought-provoking and emotion driven.
Born in North Carolina, Antonio Coppage a.k.a. GlacierDon was raised by a variety of family members spread throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Connecticut, North Carolina, Washington, and Germany. Although he lived in so many different places, he considers Brooklyn home and North Carolina as his foundation. His mother died when he was only three years old which caused the instability and for him to grow up fast.
At a very young age it was noted that GlacierDon was very intelligent and beyond his years in wisdom. Because of that he was able to hang with older people and it is said that he has an old soul. This is reflected in his music as he has an insatiable taste for old soul/gospel samples. Living abroad at such an early age allows him to have a worldly view and perspective on things instead of the same old “I grew up in the hood telling you stories from my project window” saga that many of today’s rappers appears to be marred in. His music is indicative of a strong grasp on the English language, a healthy vocabulary, and an understanding of current events and history. At one point in time, Glacier was so bored down south that he read the entire volume of the New Standard Encyclopedia during the course of a summer. His friends use to call him “MC Scientist.”
Although he has had many brushes with the law, GlacierDon chooses to focus on the positive accomplishments in his life such as graduating high school, graduating college while at the same time working full time and facing federal charges, and his greatest accomplishment: receiving a Master’s degree and graduating in the top fourth of his class. His subject matter does cover the harsh realities but he goes out of his way to let his fans know that these things are to be avoided and not glorified. GlacierDon accepts social responsibility and wishes to push the envelope when it comes to subject matter in Hip Hop.

Glacier’sTown (Production: Majestic Drama of TrackOfficialz)



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