Johnnie Newkirk Jr. Seduces You

Johnnie Newkirk Jr Wants Seduction

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“Seduce Me then Do Me” Review

Recording Artist: Johnnie Newkirk Jr. Brooklyn, New York

This single from a massively creative artist Johnnie Newkirk Jr. who embraces music like a lover, sends you reeling. Seriously, Johnny Newkirk Jr. is a songwriting force out there among many other things.

The track “Seduce Me then Do Me” is of supremely cool  electronic dance that grabs you when you first hear it, and holds you right to the end. The beat is hot and Johnny has a style, that’s both sultry and uplifting at the same time. A great combination.

This is no cookie-cutter player. With being producer, composer, author, designer, inventor, and civil rights activist you wonder when he has time for it all. But he makes it work. And this track proves it, like all his fans and his many creative endeavours, you will be seduced one way or another.  You can’t resist. Just give in. I can already imagine it in a club, or in the office, or late at night.

He’s got a voice that stands up to repeated listenings, and in the track, “Seduce Me then Do Me”, he keeps the melody flowing and you wonder where it will end. He shows you don’t have to overblow the production in a dance number to make it hypnotic AND fun.

NewCharles Entertainment

Johnnie Newkirk Jr is the Founder/CEO of NewCharles Entertainment as well as an artist for the label. He is also an author, entrepreneur, designer, inventor, producer, performer and civil rights activist. Quality Music. Increasing Music Quality @ NewCharles Entertainment @

Johnnie Newkirk Jr


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