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“THE NAMELESS” Additional Guitars
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I was born in 1976 in Reutlingen, Germany…played Bass in a small youth band at age 14…
When i was 17 i wanted to be a guitar player but ther were tooooo much of them…i founded a new band with friends and I turned from guitar to the Bass…was fun.. Took lessons…and later i GAVE lessons
Had a lot of Bands then…World Demise, we covered famous Metal and Rocksongs..wrote own stuff too and were popolar in the city among the youth, played at a big open Air, too..then Silence of Misery..had a few Gigs in our city.

MY first real Band with very good musicians was BLUE POWDER…a Progressive Rockband..during that time i learned so much…it was in 1996 – 1998 then the band split up and i joined a Rockband called BROKEN WINGS.
We had alot of live gigs…played at the Emergenza Live Festival Competition and made the 10th Place out of A LOT OF Bands. We played for example in the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg or the LKA in Stuttgart-Wangen, had a Date at a Radio station too between some gigs.

It was a nice time but i wanted to be more creative , wanted it a little bit harder so i joined NOPLIES in 1999…and stayed there until 2003…we recorded 2 CD..s : 1999 FOLLOW THE RAINBOW which got a very good feedback in the MEtal HAmmer Demo Zone in 2000, and 2002 PIRATE TALES which was another Great Album too! Also here very good feedback from rthe STAY HEAVY! MEtal Magazine and others

Played a lot of live gigs and won the BATTLE OF BANDS 2000 Competition…this was my best time as a musician. I left NOPLIES in 2003..
I needed something new, joined CHYRON with my buddy and former Blue Powder singer Jürgen Elsell and recorded a Demo CD called “SIGNS” We had only one Live Gig, an Open Air, nothing spectacular.
In 2004-2005 i was part of a studio Project with Guitarist Massimo Lia and Singer Jürgen Elsell who was also my mate in BLUE POWDER and CHYRON. We recorded some Songs but it split up after a few time…
After 5 years of retiring from the music scene i planned to do my own Homerecording Solo Project ! I had so much ideas during the last yearsso I built my own little Homerecording Homestudio and wrote songs, recorded them with my Singer Denis Hübner…I do the whole music stuff the bass, the guitars…write lyrics and do some background vocals if needed…program the Drums and Synthesizers..
the old passion for making music is BACK! 😉

Thank you for listening to my songs and videos!

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Marco Tardanico – Golden Years



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