Angel Heart Music

Angel Heart was born in Syracuse, NY and attended RFA in Rome. He later went on to attend Everest College (Criminal Justice) in Fort Worth, TX. Heart has claimed that his lyrics will be his success in the near future. In 2010 Angel made an appearance in the movie “Call me Artie” It was during this period that he met J Austin, AKA “The Heaven Sent Band” who introduced him to Cheryl Crebs who would later on take him under her wing.


2014: Released his Studio Album “Innocent Rain” recorded with “Outer Limit Studio”
After releasing three singles “Would You Still Love Me”, including the original version of “No Pride, No Honor” in late 2013,

In December 2013 Heart released his new single “Among The Shadows” which is expected to be one of his best and most unique sounds yet! Angel spent six weeks writing and practicing his song before recording it for the final cut. A week later Angel had performed at “Hard Rock Cafe” twice, one for a showcase with iShowcase Music and another put together with his friend Vanessa.

Heart confirmed he was to have a track he wrote for the loss of a childhood friend be featured on his debut US album, “Innocent Rain”. The song is called “Among The Shadows”. The track was released as a single in December 2013 in USA and May 2013 in the United Kingdom

While filming a promo video for his track “Survival” in the city of Nashville “I don’t think anyone who’s not been here can relate to what I have been through,” he said, looking around . Heart is expected to do more shows in NYC soon and will have a lot more songs to come. “I’ve seen many stuff recently about how rarely people survive it, but you just think: why would you want it to happen after seeing so many scars and reading the lyrics? You have to wonder what happened. But that is left up to your imagination

Angel Heart -Would You Still Love Me


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