The Contest by Bennett Easton – New book on Amazon

Bennett Easton - The Contest

Minerva Bennett is founder and chairman of the Koyne Foundation, a philanthropic powerhouse that defines the state of the art in humanitarian pursuits.

But having devoted half her life to funding universities, think tanks, and charitable initiatives, she questions her legacy.

She wakes from a feverish dream to the startling realization that all her “good works” have done little to lift humanity out of the slough of despair and violence.

In a bold maneuver, she launches the largest competition in history, the objective of which is to produce manifestos that solve the world’s most intractable issues.

The global media frenzy which follows christens it The Contest.

While millions see her as a beacon of hope, some call her reckless, if not crazy. Her insistence that children play a pivotal role in the drama adds to the controversy.

Meanwhile, threatened by the black swan of Minerva’s utopian vision, a secret faction of power hungry puppet masters plots to derail The Contest.

As the competition reaches its final round, the conflict between heavy-handed greed and enlightened teamwork results in an explosive climax.


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Bennett Easton, Author of The Contest from Ben Easton on Vimeo.


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