Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez

Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez

Dear Readers:


It’s been exciting and enlightening and a year more than I could have ever imagined. The outpouring of love and support from everyone, in the United States and beyond, has been overwhelming.

In celebration of our 3rd anniversary we are featuring two amazingly talented and beautiful human beings. On our cover is Nia Sanchez. She went from living in a homeless shelter with her mother as a young girl to winning one of the most coveted and respected titles, Miss USA. Her grace and beauty are apparent but her amazing soul is what inspired us. She continues to do volunteer work in the same homeless shelter where she lived as a small child along with other charitable work she does for causes that are dear to her. We were so grateful to have had the chance to interview Nia before she handed over her crown, just days ago, to the new Miss USA, Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma. We congratulate Olivia!

This issue also features another marvelously gifted spirit, Couturier Celebrity Designer, Sonia Eté. Her extraordinary professional journey has encompassed dressing celebrities like Jennifer Stallone, Tracy Danza, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Coolio, designing luxury apparel, fine jewelry, embroidery, luxury leather goods, luxury pet accessories and owning a chain of fine-gems jewelry stores. In addition, understanding the need for Couture in the United States, Sonia brought French Couture education by founding the reputable Academy of Couture Art in Beverly Hills, with the mission to continue the Legend of Couture through training young creators. We hope you enjoy her insightful interview with us into the world of this extraordinary high-end fashion.

This last year was bursting with amazing stories of struggles and triumphs from successful artists in many disciplines. It’s incredible how many successful artists come from troubled childhoods. Our goal is to highlight their successes to encourage the rest of us to triumph over adversity and help the up-and-coming entertainment professionals find their way.

We have featured 24 industry professionals in the past year and have done our best to showcase celebrities you will easily recognize along with lesser known, yet equally successful entertainment personalities. They are all doing the good work and giving back to their communities.

With sadness also, we lose a loved one. Such was the case with my friend, Arlene Martel. A prolific and talented character actress known for her roles in Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, I Dream Of Jeannie and countless others on stage, screen and in film she was, above all, a kind and vibrant human being. As I spent time with her simply enjoying coffee or going to a movie together, I discovered a friend that never knew boundaries when it came to positive and encouraging words. It was a joy to honor her in our April 2015 edition.

We have also kept abreast of some of our all-time favorites, such as World-renowned artist, Cao Yong. He overcame soul-crushing adversities to become one of the most sought-after artists of our time. It has been wonderful to be able to present some of his beautiful artwork in various issues throughout this year.

We are dedicated to providing a positive, meaningful and educational experience and to inspire our readers with knowledge and information from creative, qualified industry professionals.

It has always been and will always continue to be my goal to use a variety of formats to spread the word about all the good that is happening in the entertainment industry. Not just in Hollywood, but around the world as well. We, at SOHM, feel like our readers are ready for the good news about celebrities and successful entertainment professionals and are across the globe.

We continue to present our Share Your Shine, Tell Your Story segment. If you or anyone you know is giving back to the Arts or Pop Culture Community or any great causes and would like to share your or their story with our readers, please do not hesitate to send us these important stories so we can share your shine with our readers.

Don’t forget that you can go back through these last three years and read any of the archived issues, see the stories and gain that much more insight into the entertainment and philanthropic businesses.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to thank my staff. Their tireless efforts to bring the stories to you, the readers, make this magazine and all its parts what it is today. The interviews, entertainment reviews and all the other pieces that make up Shine On Hollywood Magazine are due to a group effort where we support, encourage and heap praise on each other for continued jobs that are exceedingly well done.

The upcoming August issue will feature an emphasis on the music industry. Look for exclusive interviews with leading industry professionals. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback and continued support!

I am excited about our fourth year and all that is in store for us and our readers!

Furthermore, our digital format has enabled an average of 27 million viewers in 60 countries throughout 2014 worldwide. This growth has been tremendous and continues to delight everyone that’s involved in assembling the publication.

The hard work in the features promoted, the layout of the magazine and the artistic quality that’s demonstrated every month, is a testament of the devotion we have, in offering you a publication nowhere to be seen on the market today.

In order to keep the integrity of our magazine beyond any attempt of manipulation from outside sources, we are asking for your support. We are asking for donations of any amount in order to keep SOHM alive and thriving!

Since the first day of operation, we have been on a shoe string budget and bartering with other companies to help us with the costs that are required for an online digital publication. After 3 years under our belt, the future and the success of Shine on Hollywood Magazine rests on the generosity of our faithful readers across the globe. We have made a difference by our sincere efforts in offering a unique publication where politics, gossip and prurient content are not included. The only focus SOHM has is to enlighten our readers to enjoy and come to a realization, the entertainment industry in Hollywood and worldwide is reflective of a spirit where talent is universal. Our reward through your contributions will continue the desire we all have, to make our magazine a force for good.

We encourage you to donate any sum to our beloved magazine.

Pay Pal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…

Or please send your contribution in check or money order to:

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Thank you!

Arnold Garcia
Founding Editor-in-Chief
Shine On Hollywood
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