Top Black Industry Professionals

SOHM 2016

SOHM 2016


SOHM Jan/Feb 2016 “Top Black Industry Professionals:…/web/flipviewerxpress.…

Welcome to the January-February 2016 issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM)! We already have had a busy and exciting start to the New Year here at SOHM and are looking forward to the coming months with anticipation and with gratitude for you, our loyal readers! Now, with each of our New Year’s resolutions made and in full force, the editors at Shine On Hollywood are thrilled to bring you inspirational stories from the world of Top Black Industry Professionals! We found no shortage of talent as we bring you inspiring stories from the fields of entertainment, fashion and community service.

This month’s cover story features the multi-talented Kashif. He turned the $3 purchase of a musical flute as a young lad into a legendary career in the music industry with multiple hits and Grammy nominations. Along the way, Kashif never forgot his roots, giving back to the same foster care organizations that once buoyed him with the guidance and support he needed. Direct link:…/flipviewerxpress.html…

This month’s issue also features Carole Creekmore with fascinating stories from her days as one of the original dancers on the musical variety television show, Soul Train. If you are a music history connoisseur, you won’t want to miss out on reading this insightful article! Direct link:…/flipviewerxpress.html…

This issue also features Alesia Anne Wesley. She overcame multiple physical complications at birth and achieved higher education in order to give back and help others with physical and mental challenges. Alesia has found a way to help many of her clients through music. A story sure to inspire! Direct link:…/flipviewerxpress.html…

Finally, we also caught-up with fashion designer, Courtney Allegra, who was originally featured in our December 2013 Fashion Issue. Fast-forward and Courtney and her designs are now red-hot and in demand. We are so proud of this SOHM Alumni and celebrate her “Passion for Fashion!” Direct link:…/flipviewerxpress.html…

We encourage you to “Let them be your motivation.”

SOHM remains a politics and gossip free publication with its focus on, Real People, Real Stories, from the Arts and Pop Culture Community who make a difference by giving back, and we are delighted to share their heart-felt stories with you. We will continue to provide the industry’s foremost creative meeting place with monthly showcases, news, opinions, analysis, and audience feedback.

The upcoming March issue will feature an emphasis on the music industry. Look for exclusive interviews with leading industry professionals. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback and continued support!


Shine On Hollywood Magazine Team

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