Ciga Long – Jewelry Design


Dear Readers:
Welcome to the June 2017 “Top International Industry Professionals” issue of Shine on Hollywood Magazine! The summer heat is in full effect in Tinsel Town and around the world, and as we get ready for family barbecues and long days at the beach, we bring to you with great satisfaction our brand new Top International Artists issue! There’s never shortage of talent in Hollywood as we bring you up close to some of the hardest working people, whose stories go beyond the camera flashes and right into your hands.


This issue we feature Ciga Long, who at a very early age chose his path in the field of jewelry design. After traveling across the world to get a formal Western education in Italy, he now caters to high end clients and celebrities across the world. Ciga’s style is a unique blend of Western technology and Chinese classical culture. He integrates his heritage into his designs, and infuses them with his independence and bold innovation. In light of his amazing achievements, Ciga Long continues to expand his talents as he looks beyond the clear horizon and to new opportunities open to him.


We’re also introducing you to Catherine Carty, who during her early life, learned about disabilities when her father lost a leg to bone cancer. Tragedy hit the family again a few years later when her brother also became disabled after a motorcycle accident at the age of 17, and had to remain at the hospital for a year before being discharged. Now as an adult, Catherine uses her experience to make a difference at The Institute of Technology Tralee in Ireland, where she is the manager of the UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Physical Education, Sport, Fitness and Recreation. Part of a larger team, she helps develop programs and research to aid disabled members of society achieve their goals by focusing in the areas of communication, research, advocacy, fund-finding, training and education.


You’ll also meet Jia Yao, a network executive with nearly two decades of experience in television media. As the head Hunan Broadcasting System in China, she is heavily involved in bringing multiple television dramas to prime time, consistently earning high ratings among the top slots. Her efforts and hands on involvement have contributed to the increase of Hunan’s annual advertising revenue. She is also responsible for introducing popular dramas from all over Asia to satisfy the increasing demand of new content for the ever growing Chinese market. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Chinese television market, you’ll want to read her story.


We encourage you to “Let Them be Your Motivation!”

SOHM remains a politics and gossip free publication with its focus on “Real People, Real Stories” from the arts and pop culture community who make a difference by giving back, and we are delighted to share their heartfelt stories with you. We will continue to provide the industry’s foremost creative meeting place with monthly showcases, news, opinions, analysis, and audience feedback. The upcoming July issue will feature Shine on Hollywood Magazine’s Five-Year Anniversary Special Edition! We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback and continued support!


Arnold Garcia
Founding Publisher
Shine On Hollywood
A&G Entertainment

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